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April 16, 2008

ICRC Director resigns

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The office of Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels has announced that Gregory Kellam Scott has resigned from his position of Director of the Indiana Civil Rights Commission (ICRC), effective April 4 2008. Scott, who will be replaced by Tony Kirkland, has been hired by Ivy Tech to direct ‘diversity and community relations’. Here’s a bit from the announcement released by Daniel’s office —


[Tony] Kirkland, formerly of Evansville, has served as the governor’s senior advisor on minority affairs since Daniels took office in January 2005. In that role, he meets with minority groups throughout the state to discuss issues of concern and how the state can assist.

Scott, who was appointed to his post in February 2005, has accepted a position with Ivy Tech Community College. He came to Indiana after a long and distinguished legal career, including seven years as a member of the Colorado Supreme Court. During his tenure, the Civil Rights Commission has cut in half the length of time needed to bring discrimination investigations to a close. Because of the reduction, the state has submitted closed cases to federal contract agencies in a timely manner, resulting in receipt of more federal funds.


Scott’s resignation was effective on April 4, and Kirkland has begun his new duties.


What interesting timing. ICRC’s Deputy Director Christine Cde Baca left her employment sometime between mid-December and the end of February, and now the Director is gone — a month to the day after I sent my March 4 ‘Year-End Review’ to him (and to Kim Kendrick, Kenneth J. Carroll, Maurice J. McGough, and Barbara Knox, all in Scott’s HUD/FHEO ‘upline’). Any connection there? No way of knowing. But Scott’s move to Ivy Tech seems like one more step down in his career ladder — the position will likely be as a public relations figurehead.

And this changes the complexion of the instructions I received from Region V FHEO official Hollie Boyd, who told me to restrict my further communications about my case to ICRC supervisor Henrietta Poindexter. I wrote yesterday that Boyd (as part of Carroll’s attempt at Shutdown) was using his Authority to direct my communications to the lowest-level, most powerless person in the HUD/FHEO/ICRC chain of command. That’s still true. But now it appears that Poindexter is, in effect, heading the operation as ICRC’s most senior member.

Hmmm. Looks like I get to introduce new Director Kirkland to the interesting case he has inherited. And it looks like time to get my ‘Year-End Review’ re-formatted for posting.


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