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April 14, 2008

FHEO responds

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THREE emails from FHEO officials in my inbox this evening!  And I’m not sure I want to open any of them! All sent this morning, about an hour apart, starting with Kenneth J. Carroll at 9:27, then two from different FHEO officers lower down in the food chain — one from Indianapolis or Columbus IN, the second out of the Chicago (Region V) office but has a satellite office in Columbus.

( . . . reading emails . . .)

Well, as one would have guessed, two of the emails were (supposed to be) a total shutdown. The third was an initial contact from the newly assigned Section 504 investigator.

Carroll made a point of doing a shutdown on the ‘reactivation’ issue — however, he’s not in the chain of delegation for that portion of 24 CFR.

I’m not going to deal with any of that right now, since I came online with other things to do tonight. I’ll give Carroll one more go-round, just for the fun of it, before addressing the reactivation issue with the people who *are* in the chain of delegation for it. The mid-range FHEO official just referred me back to ICRC — I’ll ignore him (or send him my rebuttal documents!). The Section 504 investigator will learn about my need for written communication as a reasonable accommodation (reasonable modification in ADA terms). But not now.

Spending time this evening learning more about using WordPress. Just entered Street Prophets in my blogroll. Easy!


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