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April 13, 2008

‘Street Prophets’ Sun April 13 2008

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One website I visit daily is http://www.streetprophets.com — I’ll put a link in my blogroll when I figure out how. The have open threads called (usually) ‘Coffee Hour,’ and here’s what I posted there today —

Getting a start on my civil rights blog — actually a combination blog/website at WordPress.com.

A few days ago I made a committment to myself to post here from time to time about my progress with this effort, as a way of breaking my isolation and connecting with a community. I was surprised this morning to come online to find that SP’s own vesticular had stopped by and left me a comment. Thanks, vesticular!

I’m creating the website to document my experience with HUD’s (non)enforcement of civil rights under the Fair Housing Act. Little by little, I’ll be posting a year’s worth of documentation related to my case. I’ll also be creating pages based on reports from the GAO and the National Council on Disability, which will help me demonstrate that the roadblocks to justice that I experienced ‘aren’t a glitch, they’re a feature’ of HUD civil rights ‘enforcement’.

In the last few days, I learned that all my existing documents will have to be entered into a ‘Desktop Client’ as plain text, then completely reformatted before posting. I’m using wbloggar (it’s freeware), which posts directly to the ‘posts’ side of WP, rather than to the ‘pages’ (ie static webpages) side of WP. So last night I figured out how to transfer the re-formatted posts to the ‘pages’ side, how to get the pages into the order I want, and how to ‘nest’ pages. Then I posted two documents which I had re-formatted yesterday morning.

That was a big day’s work for me, given my disabilities, and in between computer sessions I made pea soup and biscuits, which I’ll be enjoying (along with egg salad) for the next couple of days. While cooking, I noticed that my carrots are starting to grow, and thought I’d make a carrot-almond soup next.

Well, thanks for listening. And if you’d like to stop by and check out my website, it’s https://acitizenprose.wordpress.com.


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